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What do you guys say? If you are up on points in a match do you stall and hold the position or would you keep attacking? The last tournament I did was the Grappling Industries Toronto on Nov 4, 2017. I had a situation and it made me think about this topic. 2 Schools of [...]


First BJJ Competition After ACL Surgery (Video)

My ACL surgery was on Jan 30, 2017 and my first competition since coming back was on Nov 4, 2017. After the surgery I went back to BJJ after 4 months. But I had a lot of issues along the way. My hamstring was hurting for a while. I kept pulling it. Now it feels [...]


3 Good Things About Injuries

There is nothing “good” about injuries. But they do happen and it’s useful to think about them in an empowering way for yourself. I just had this thought randomly come into mind. As you know I tore my ACL last year. I am back now in full training mode. I got a list of 3 [...]


4 Months After ACL Surgery For BJJ

What’s up guys! It’s actually been like 4.5 months after ACL surgery for BJJ but I have been slacking on the updates. From now on we will be back on track. Let’s roll… I’m Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Again (wohoo!) It’s been 4 months after my ACL surgery and I am back at BJJ. I [...]

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The Hardest Thing About Hill Sprints

Running up a hill is a great way to improve endurance and lower body power. Especially if you can find a steep hill. I am lucky. I recently moved to an apartment that is right beside a park. In this park is the biggest/steepest/meanest hill I have seen. And I get the pleasure of doing [...]