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4 Months After ACL Surgery For BJJ

What’s up guys!

It’s actually been like 4.5 months after ACL surgery for BJJ but I have been slacking on the updates.

From now on we will be back on track.

Let’s roll…

I’m Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Again (wohoo!)

It’s been 4 months after my ACL surgery and I am back at BJJ. I got the hamstring graft which means they took a piece of my hamstring and made an ACL with it. It works well because it is my own tissue.

My doctor told me I can return to sport in 6 months. I figured he was talking about unfit people. My knee was feeling good for a while so I decided to go back to BJJ and start slow.

Emphasis on the “start slow” thing. That’s what everybody told me. I kind of ignored that advice and pretty much started regular practice and sparring.

Overall my knee is doing well. Even though I am sparring I am not going too hard and I am careful to keep my knee in good/safe positions only.

It’s kind of like sparring with 1 leg and I am super gassed due to not training BJJ for 9 months. So things are hard. But, every week I get better.

The soreness is crazy. Nothing makes you more sore than BJJ when you haven’t done it for a while. Every muscle in my body hurts.

My open guard SUCKS right now. I completely lost my timing. It will take a while to get it back.

The only thing with my knee is that I have been getting hamstring pain (where they took the piece for the ACL). It’s very easy to strain that muscle.

I don’t get why since I am squatting and deadlifting 365lbs comfortably. So I am just careful and I take it easy in sparring to give my hamstring time to heal.

I have to take it easy and keep stacking consistent practices where I improve while staying safe and allowing my hamstring to get back to where it was.

Check out my Youtube Channel (I am uploading lots of videos)

Even though I haven’t been posting on the blog I have been putting up lots of videos on my youtube channel. There’s tons of videos of me working out, hanging with my cats, product reviews, etc…

We Got Cats (and they are doing well)

I am not sure if I wrote about this before but my girlfriend and I got 2 cats from Team Cat Rescure.

A boy (11 months) and girl (3 months). Dandelion and Reese.

They are super cute. They aren’t that much work and they add some good energy to our apartment.

Reese (the girl) is super friendly and will let you touch her anywhere. Dandelion (the boy) is a bit more standoffish.

He only likes it when you rub his head. If you touch his belly or back he doesn’t like it. But he is coming around more and more. They are both very playful.

J actually had to take a break while typing this because Dandy was asking for cuddles.

Had to stop typing and give him cuddles.

My girlfriend and I are both allergic to cats. We staretd out both taking anti-allergy medications but now I stopped taking mine and I feel fine. Booya! I just take some when I need it. Which isn’t that often.

Main Points

– I am back training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!
– We got cats and they are lovely
– The youtube channel and website is growing so check it out.
– Add me on instagram if you haven’t
– If you have any questions post them here or message me on instagram.

Later guys!

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  • Lila June 21, 2017, 3:58 pm

    We have the best cats on the world, and I’m so happy you’re doing Jits again!

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