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Abner Mares Overcomes Adversity

Abner’s story is truly inspirational. If you think you are going through hard times, I suggest reading this post.

Abner Mares is now 25 years old, married, and a proud father of a little girl. He is undefeated and a world champion at 122 pounds.

Abner’s life was anything but easy. At six years old his mother had split from his father and took him and 6 of his siblings to Tijuana and eventually into the U.S. They had illegally crossed the border and ended up in Hawaiian Gardens, California.

Abner and all of his siblings lived in a one room apartment where they all slept on the floor. There were a lot of days when he and his siblings did not eat. They had no money and would often resort to eating out of dumpsters (until one of his brothers got sick from drinking bad milk).

Abner started boxing when he was 11 and it was clear that he was a natural. He began winning tournaments and rising through the amateur ranks. Outside of boxing he was getting deeply involved in the gang culture.

Fortunately Abner managed to stay on course and even went to the Olympics representing Mexico (because he wasn’t a U.S. citizen). Now Abner is obviously doing a lot better. He’s getting paid a lot more money for his fights now that he’s a world champion and he is able to provide for his mother and siblings.

However he doesn’t forget where he came from:

“I guess you can say I have a lot bottled up inside. People that know me say that I’m two totally different people: one inside the ring and another outside the ring. Its in the ring that I remember everything I went through. Believe me, some of that stuff never goes away. When I’m fighting, I go back to everything, what my family and I lived through and what I hat to do to live. I suppose it’s why it looks like I’m fighting to the death when I fight. I’m fighting for my family’s meal ticket. I mean that literally. I know what it’s like to be hungry.”

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