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Fat Burning Bodyweight Circuit

As I’ve mentioned before. Current research shows that aerobic work is not ideal for fat loss. Here is one alternative. It’s a bodyweight circuit which requires no equipment (other than a pull up bar). The entire workout only takes 15 minutes and the fat burning benefits are huge.

Research confirms that fat loss is not dependent on the fuel source used during the activity (Hickson 1976). It’s actually more important to focus on the events that take place after your workout. After intense exercise sessions, resting metabolic rate will remain elevated for many hours. This means the body burns calories long after the workout.

Additional research has noted a relationship between fat expenditure through intense exercise and growth hormone release. Growth hormone influences lipolysis (fancy name for breakdown of fat stored in fat cells).

So what does this all mean? Simply that short intense circuits and intervals burn more fat, get you leaner, and conserve muscle better than long, low-intensity aerobic work.

Sample circuit:

5 Pull Ups
8 Clap Push Ups
10 Burpees
20 Jumping jacks

Rest 45 seconds. Repeat circuit 10x.

If some of the exercises are too hard, make it easier. For example, instead of doing 10 burpees, do 5. Instead of clap push ups, do regular push ups. Adjust the workout to your level of fitness.

This workout is a great one for building muscular and explosive endurance. A great benefit to any athlete would be the ability to explode with power late in the game/match/fight. (ex. A boxer who finishes strong in the last 2 rounds).

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