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In a BJJ Match If You Are Up On Points – Should You Stall? Or Keep Attacking?

What do you guys say? If you are up on points in a match do you stall and hold the position or would you keep attacking?

The last tournament I did was the Grappling Industries Toronto on Nov 4, 2017. I had a situation and it made me think about this topic.

2 Schools of Thought

Some people say:

1. Yes you should keep attacking until the very end and keep your oppoenent on his/her back foot. The problem with this is if you were to expose yourself too much while attacking and get scored on.

Other people say:

2. You shouldn’t attack too much if there isn’t much time left in the match. If you attack and expose yourself, you may get caught.

Personal Experience

I tried to pass on top but he was threatening me with a loop choke so I did not complete the pass.

In one of my matches: The score was 0-0. With 30 seconds left I try to pass my opponent’s guard and almost make it. If the match goes to a refs decision now, I will probably win since I almost passed his guard.

So I kind of decided to chill on top in my opponent’s half guard and hold the position for 20 seconds.

During those 20 seconds the guy almost swept me and it looked really bad for me. I lost the match by refs decision.

So I think “keep attacking” is what I will do next time. I felt like when I stopped attacking – he started to attack!

I think it’s nice to have that comfortable forward momentum where you are attacking your opponent and bothering them so they can’t start their own game.

What do you guys think? If you are up on points do you play conservative or keep attacking? Hit me up in the comments below.

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