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The Hardest Thing About Hill Sprints

Running up a hill is a great way to improve endurance and lower body power. Especially if you can find a steep hill.

I am lucky. I recently moved to an apartment that is right beside a park. In this park is the biggest/steepest/meanest hill I have seen. And I get the pleasure of doing my hill sprints there.

A few days ago I did another hill sprint workout. I sprinted up the hill and walked down 5 times.

When I finished the fourth one my legs were shaking a little bit.

On the fifth one I knew that I had to push the pace and go even harder. What’s going to sperate you from the other competitor? Pushing it harder during key moments when both people are tired.

One of my mentors Ross Enamait said “Fatigue is unavoidable. Champions have the ability to perform at a high level despite the presence of fatigue”. AKA Heart. It’s built during tough moments.

The hardest part of hill sprints is the voice in your head (and your body) begging you to slow down a bit and trying to convince you like “it’ll be ok. You can still win.”

This is the kind of stuff I have going on in my head when I am training. What do I have to do to be better than the guy I am competing against?

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